Panna Bhattacharyya posing on a bridgeEvery person should work towards a goal in life that contributes to society in a positive manner. Becoming a doctor was not a choice for me, but rather was a way to fulfill my responsibility towards the community. I grew up in a small town in Bangladesh where I used to observe people dying from complications from very minor illnesses, which today are rarely fatal.

When I was in my third year of medical school, I decided to become a neurologist. This decision was fostered by my personal experience of observing long-term morbidity and suffering of people with neurological issues.

After moving to the USA permanently, I started working in a neurology clinic while I was preparing myself academically to enter into a neurology residency program. I also worked for Medicare almost three years prior to entering into the residency program. I finished one year of preliminary residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland prior to joining the UAMS Neurology Residency Program.

Panna Bhattacharyya posing outside in the snowThe weather in Little Rock is very similar to the weather in my hometown. I feel fortunate to join the Neurology Residency Program at UAMS. Little Rock, Arkansas is a great place to live because its natural beauty evokes a feeling of serenity that causes me to feel at home. I look forward to an exciting time during my residency and thereafter in Little Rock.

Languages Spoken: English, Bengali, Hindi

Hometown: Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Medical School: Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College, Bangladesh.