Mai Vuong outsideI am a 2nd generation Vietnamese-American born and raised in Little Rock, AR. I left the comfort and warmth of my home state to venture up north to Massachusetts for undergraduate school. It was at Wellesley College (where I was introduced to subzero temperatures, foot-deep snowfalls, and ice hockey) that I had my first neuroscience course and found my academic focus. I graduated with a BA in Neuroscience and came back home to Arkansas to attend medical school.

I love Arkansas as much as mosquitos love biting me, which, according to my arms and legs, is a whole lot. I am happy to stay in the state that has shaped who I am and to train at such a diverse institution.

When not working, I like to cook various Vietnamese dishes with my awesome mom, binge watch Netflix shows, and try new restaurants in town.

Languages spoken: English and Vietnamese
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Medical Education: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, AR
Undergraduate Education: Wellesley College, MA


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