Humaira Khan, M.D.People often ask me if I was born and raised in England. I wasn’t. My hometown is the financial capital of Pakistan, the city of Karachi, also known as the City of Lights, a sprawling, bustling metropolis along the coast of the Arabian Sea. English is the official language in Pakistan and although Urdu is our mother tongue, we speak English with equal ease. Karachi is also the 7th largest city in the world so coming to Little Rock, AR (after being in Karachi, London and Chicago) has been a big change for me but not necessarily an unwelcome one.

I moved to Little Rock eight years ago and this city is very special to me: this is where I got married and this is the place where my children were born. So, to me, this is home. Little Rock, with its immense natural beauty and spectacular views, offers the perfect mix of city life and the great outdoors.

UAMS is a great place for a Neurology Residency. We are the only university hospital in Arkansas and, because our program does not have fellows, we residents acquire more experience. What drew me most to this program, however, was the camaraderie I saw among the residents here.

I love Neurology because I like solving complex problems. I feel lucky to have had a rewarding experience as a postdoctoral research fellow in Neurogenetics at Northwestern University, Chicago where I was able to be part of cutting edge research that has been a sustained and sincere effort to find cures for debilitating diseases like ALS.

I hope to never lose sight of the fact that, both as a clinician and as a researcher, responsibility for my patients comes first. I pray every day that I am able to fulfill this responsibility with honesty, integrity and sincerity. My hope is that my training will not only help me plot my way forward in this exciting field, but also groom me to become the compassionate physician I want to be.

Languages spoken: English, Urdu
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Medical School: The Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan


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