Zain Asghar outdoors standing by an ice skating rinkI am Zain Asghar, born and raised in Pakistan. The mystique around the science of medicine, coupled with my thirst to learn more, and my commitment towards serving humanity pushed me towards becoming a doctor. I completed medical school at the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

Zain Asghar playing soccerIn medical school, I found it interesting to learn about an aspect of human neuroanatomy in the morning lecture and then to be able to appreciate its direct application in stroke survivors during the noon clinic. I found that the science of neurology awakened the thrill that comes with solving a puzzle and as I learned more to fit two pieces together, my interest and fascination for the subject deepened. After doing my preliminary year in medicine at Howard University Hospital, I was fortunate to be offered an interview at UAMS. I feel so lucky to join this big family. I am quite confident that the next three years will be meaningful and productive here at UAMS.

Zain Asghar posing by a large waterfallDuring my medical education, I rekindled my creative interests and started devoting some of my free time towards dramatics. I availed the opportunity to use theater to reach out to communities through plays. I also like either watching or playing sports, cooking, watching movies, hiking, and traveling.