Shubham Biyani in Times SquareHello everyone. I am from rural India where I have spent most of my childhood with 3 generations of my family living under the same roof. Later I established my space in the fast-paced city life for my med school tenure. So, my bag pack is filled with both, rural and urban Indian culture along with a lot of memories from my hostel life.

Shubham Biyani posing by a treeI chose Neurology as I was always fascinated by neuroscience as a med student and also, I could find an expression of my love for Mathematics in Neurology. I am super happy that I am at UAMS as this program feels like a big family where everyone’s got each other’s back.

Shubham Biyani covered in paint splattersWhenever I get bestowed with some leisure time, I enjoy music, yoga, biking, and hanging out with my friends. Also, recently I have been enjoying cooking a lot!