Rebecca Pratt with a mountain in the backgroundI am a southern girl born and raised in Northern Florida and Alabama where I met a Neurosurgeon at the age of eight who sparked a passion for neurology in me which I have followed ever since. It has been a long journey during which I like to say that I took the scenic route, going to two Universities for my undergraduate studies; Auburn University and North Carolina State University, and a Caribbean school, Trinity Medical Sciences University for medical school.

Rebecca Pratt with familyThroughout my studies, my passion for Neurology has grown, evidenced by my B.S. which I got with a concentration in Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology. However, it was in medical school that I fully connected with Neurology. It was there I found its interconnectedness to every other specialty and the puzzle-like experience that this gave to diagnostics with such a wide range of symptoms.

Rebecca Pratt posing with a dogWhen not working I love to run with my Siberian Husky, Toby, who is sweet and brilliant, but also mischievous. I also like to paint, read, and cook (especially fried chicken and biscuits). I am so glad to be starting my residency at UAMS, which has felt like home from the moment I stepped into the interview, and be a part of the team with all of the amazing people I have met so far.