Moustafa Aly, M.D. feeding pigeonsHello, my name is Moustafa Aly, I was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria was at one time the largest city in the ancient world, was well known by its great library, and by being a major intellectual and cultural center. Nowadays, it is the biggest Mediterranean city and a major economic and tourist city.

During my medical school years at Alexandria University, I especially enjoyed studying the nervous system and was fascinated by its organization and uniqueness aside from other human systems. After graduating from medical school, I pursued neurology residency training.  Following residency training, I started studying for a doctorate degree in Neurology from Alexandria University.  My main research interest was in vascular neurology which gave me the opportunity to be trained to perform different neuro-interventional techniques. Later on, I practiced neurology/interventional neurology for a couple of years then decided to move to the USA for further training.

Moustafa Aly, M.D., posing in front of the pyramids of GizaWhen I moved to the US, I was lucky to work in research at Northwestern University in the Interventional Neuroradiology section of their Radiology Department, where my research was mainly focused on the inflammatory response in large vessel ischemic strokes.

Subsequently, I was honored to match at the UAMS neurology residency program and I am really excited to be part of the family.

Outside work, I usually enjoy playing with my kids, hanging out with friends, traveling, photography, watching movies, fishing, camping, and hiking. My family and I are looking forward to exploring the Arkansas-The Natural State and to know more about its people and culture.

Moustafa Aly, M.D., posing in front of a riverLanguages spoken: Arabic, English, and French
Medical school: Alexandria University, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt.
Doctorate degree in Neurology: Alexandria University, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt.
Fellowship interest: Vascular/Interventional Neurology.