Syeda Busmah Owais riding a ponyI grew up in Pakistan’s fourth largest metropolitan city, Rawalpindi. Here, in the thrum of traffic, wafts of spices and celebrations of rain, I went to medical school with only one purpose–to unlock the brain.

As an impressionable teenager I wanted to be the next Da Vinci. So, I picked up a random book in the library to understand human anatomy, in hopes of transforming my stick figure drawings into the brawling, muscular figures seen in renaissance art. Instead, I fell head first into the intricacies of the brachial plexus and before long I was trying to make sense of white matter tracts and neuroplasticity in medical school. The book that started my medical journey continues to be my companion as a reference book–Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy.

Outside the realm of medicine, I enjoy baking French pastries and experimenting with flavors. I also enjoy off roading, horse back riding and trying new workout regimens that I never stick to.

I’m excited to be a part of the UAMS Neurology team and look forward to calling Little Rock my home.

Syeda Busmah Owais posing outdoors on a four wheelerMedical School: Foundation University Medical College,  Pakistan

Hometown: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Work experience: Currently Co-Investigator on memory research project. Has worked two vascular neurology research projects. Completed multiple US observerships including neuro critical care, stroke, and emergency medicine

Volunteer activities: Fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, educational activities with orphans, and medical records support team.

Hobbies include: Cake artistry, Off road ATV activities, and Chess