I am from a snow-belt region in Ontario, Canada.  In addition, I have lived in and traveled to many other places. These opportunities to meet people of different backgrounds and cultures have inspired me in my nomadic journey. I am very blessed to have parents who cared about my education and future. Outside of medicine, I enjoy various sports such as tennis, badminton, basketball etc. I also like music and exploring the beauty of nature. Marjorie Ho playing pianoOccasionally, I used to play the piano for church services. Currently I play the piano as a form of relaxation. Ironically, my brain has had to work hard when playing the piano to relax.

I became fascinated by the Neurosciences during medical school. The Neurological exam and Neuroanatomy of the body intrigue me. I have encountered many individuals in society with neurologically related conditions—from coworkers to classmates, to relatives and friends, all of whom have inspired me to go into this field.

Marjorie Ho in canoeDuring medical school, my parents were injured in a motor vehicle accident. It was a miracle they survived and gradually recovered. Their trauma and recovery piqued my interest in getting involved in Neurology translational research (to bring ideas from the bench-top to the bedside). During a Neurology rotation at McMaster University, two of my attending neurologists encouraged me to pursue training in this specialty. All of these circumstances became my inspiration to choose Neurology.

The people in Little Rock and at UAMS are very friendly and approachable. Moreover, there is a lot of beauty in nature to explore nearby. I am very happy to call Little Rock my home for the next few years.