Ezgi Saylam posing on bridgeMy name is Ezgi which means “melody” or “ harmony” in Turkish. As you will guess, I come from a family that is very passionate about traditional music. I am originally from Turkey which has a very colorful history and also quite a cultural mix of ottoman, eastern and western influences where people live in harmony.

I like when I get in “detective” mode while searching for clues, putting together the pieces and finding solutions. I have always loved solving problems for others. That is why I chose medicine as the best and highest pursuit of my life’s work.

I attended Pamukkale University School of Medicine in Turkey.  In the early years of medical school, I became interested in Neurology and I started my neurology residency at Hacettepe University School of Medicine. During my residency, I was given the opportunity to work in different neurology clinics including inpatient, outpatient settings, intensive care units as well as consultative services.  The art of neurology, especially the nature of neurophysiology and the plasticity of a growing brain intrigued me.

Ezgi Saylam and familyIn my third year of residency in Tukey, I decided to continue my career in the US.  I moved to Detroit, Michigan where I became a fan of the Detroit Tigers. I was part of the child neurology research team there and worked on the effectiveness of using combinations of medicines in pediatric migraine patients in the emergency setting at Wayne State University.

After coming to Little Rock I realized that the warm climate was something I had really missed while living in Michigan.  I fell in love with the natural beauty of the city. UAMS is also a very welcoming and friendly place to be. Every faculty member is very nice and kind-hearted. I am very lucky to have matched here.

Following my residency, I hope to pursue a fellowship in pediatric epilepsy.

Ezgi Saylam with familyI am married and have a 12-month-old son. In my free time, you can find us climbing Pinnacle Mountain or having a picnic with friends with the breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. I also like playing the piano, writing poems, visiting art galleries/museums and of course spending quality time with my family. I am very thankful to have a wonderful family that has supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

​I am looking forward to an exciting time as a trainee during my adult neurology rotation.

Languages Spoken: Turkish, English

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey

Medical school: Pamukkale University School of Medicine