Sukanthi Kovvuru, MD

My name Sukanthi in Indian context means “divine light”. I hail from a busy town Proddatur, which is situated on the bank of a river in the southern part of India. It has one of the most popular gold markets in India and is my most favorite place.  I was fascinated by medicine even from my childhood. With that driving force I focused on my studies and secured admission in Narayana Medical College, India. Medical college is still one of the best experiences I have had, during which I not only received training, but also gave me the opportunity to form some good friendships.

After marriage I joined my husband who was already doing residency at UAMS. Little Rock is very special to us. Here, we had a lot of first memories including our first home, and the most precious gift of our baby “Taran”. We also have many close friends. The climate and numerous almost year-round outdoor activities   suit me perfectly. I enjoy cooking, movies, music, shopping, and traveling.

I am looking forward to exciting years of my life as I mature into an independent physician.

Language(s) spoken: English, Telugu.
Hometown:  Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Medical School: Narayana Medical College, India.

Sukanthi Kovvuru 1 082714