Rotation Preference

Please complete the Rotation Preference Survey to indicate your Neurology rotation preferences based on the following options:

Neurology Rotation

  1. ACH: 2 weeks at ACH (1 week of clinic and 1 week of inpatient wards) combined with 1 week of VA inpatient or UAMS stroke
  2. VA: 1 week of clinic and 2 weeks of inpatient wards
  3. UAMS: 1 week blocks in 3 of the following 4 options: clinic, inpatient wards, stroke or consults

Ophthalmology Rotation

  1. Ophthalmology: 1 week of Ophthalmology at UAMS is mandatory

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that your first option will be your assigned rotation due to limited availability of slots for each rotation. Failure to choose options will result in automatic assignment.